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Security Policy

Security Information.

Feel comfortable when you buy on-line

Most of us feel comfortable about giving our credit or debit card details to a shop assistant or waiter or even over the 'phone - even though there's an inherent risk and we are trusting someone we may not know. Using your card over the internet can actually offer some security advantages compared with these "real world" situations.

On-line security means that:

  • information or data supplied by you cannot be viewed, even if it is intercepted
  • the information you receive or provide cannot be altered
  • the company who owns & operates the website is who it says it is

Security on this site

Whenever we ask you for personal information, we do so within a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) - an industry-standard security technology which encrypts details sent between your PC and our website. SSL protects information over the Internet and helps to ensure that it cannot be tampered with. To benefit from this technology you need an SSL-capable browser. These browsers will activate SSL automatically.

You can tell when you are visiting a secure area within a web site by looking for a padlock or key symbol. When the symbol appears unbroken or the padlock is in the locked position, your session is connected via a secure server.

Additionally, if a secure SSL connection is established with our site, the web address will change to one that has 'https' at the front. For example, https:/ The "s" indicates an SSL secure session.

Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers can be downloaded from the Netscape and Microsoft web sites. We are who we say we are

You can't see the people or company you are dealing with online - as you can when you visit a shop or office. An SSL digital certificate allows you to authenticate the website and confirm its ownership.

If a web site has a valid digital certificate, as this web site does, you can check it and verify the:

  • domain for which the certificate was issued
  • owner (who is also the organisation with the right to use the domain) and their physical location
  • period during which the certificate is valid

Additional security information

The Web server running this website is located in a physically secure enviroment with 24/7 security guard Surveillance and authorised access only

Your credit card details are never held on our systems. All credit card payments are handled direct by our card cleance provider SagePay who are one of the leading on-line card payment organisations in the UK.

Agents, affiliates and service providers

Companies that supply support services or act as our agents or affiliates must conform to our security principles and have a similar level of security.

Last Updated 14th June 2011

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